Providing Quality Service At Competitive Prices
Bartels & Missey, Inc.

If you’re considering replacing the exterior siding on your home, Bartels & Missey, Inc. offers premium quality craftsmanship and materials at reasonable and guranteed prices.

Many different aspects should be considered when replacing the siding on your home. The climate that you live in, the basic construction of your home, and your budget will all be contributing factors during this decision.

No matter what you choose, new siding is sure to:

  • Beautify the exterior appearance of your home
  • Protect your home from the elements such as UV radiation, heat, and moisture
  • Provide impact resistance, reducing wear and tear, denting, and dinging
  • Deliver temperature insulation and result in considerable energy savings
  • Increase the overall value of your home

Bartels & Missey, Inc. offers a wide variety of different styles, finishes, and name brands for your siding project. Our expert team will be there to consult with you about the most appropriate materials to suit your needs.

To begin your exterior siding project, contact a representative from Bartels & Missey, Inc. at (636) 464-3007 and get started on your project today.

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