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Bartels & Missey, Inc.

Transform your unfinished or previously finished basement into a new, comfortable living space.

Homeowners looking to finish or remodel their basement can easily begin to feel overwhelmed when considering all the options for their downstairs space, but will learn that in the end the return on the investment can be huge.

With all the options out there for basement remodeling and finishing here are some helpful things to consider:

  • What are you going to do with the space-create a basement bar, children’s play room, entertainment room, mother-in-law’s suite, spare kitchen, or a game room?
  • Do you have current problems in your basement like mildew, mold, damp spots, cracked walls, or peeling paint that will need to be assessed first and dealt in manor to prevent these problems for the future?
  • Do you want a more open entertainment space or a multi-purpose basement with various spaces within?

With the help of Bartels & Missey, Inc., we can finish or remodel your basement with ease and creativity to create the extra living space you’re looking for.

To begin your new basement project, contact a representative from Bartels & Missey, Inc. at (636) 464-3007 and get started on your project today.

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