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Make the Most of March

February 27th, 2012 by Mel

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like the month of March snuck up on us pretty quickly! And with March being just a few days away that can only mean one thing—Spring has sprung–so open up those shutters and pack away those long johns! After months of hibernating inside from the cold, it’s time to flush out the stale winter blahs, make the most of March, and prepare for spring. Here’s how you do it…

Get rid of that mold—with increased time indoors over the past few months and more contact with your funringhings, bacteria and moulds have been multiplying in your carpets and upholstery all winter long. Yikes! It’s a time to give all fabrics a good shampoo to nip these nasties in the bud, especially before the weather gets wet and rainy as moisture helps moulds grow faster. Also, take a look around your windowpanes for fuzzy black growth, scrub with an unscented detergent then dry quickly. And don’t forget the fridge — give it a good wipe-down, throw away spoiled foods and clean up any sign of mildew along the seals.

Let in the fresh air—after blasting heated air through your home all winter long it’s time to clean our or replace your air filter. If your filter is especially dirty it may be time to your air ducts professionally cleaned. Some signs you need your air ducts cleaned: extreme dust, fowl odors, poor airflow, or cold spots in your home.

Swap out clothes—trade those wooly socks and sweaters for sundresses and shorts. Remember; as you swap out clothes be sure to create a pile classified “give-away” for all those winter clothes you didn’t wear and then your closets will be wide open for Spring and Summer wear.

Get your green thumb ready—Although it may still be wintery outside, you can still plant some potted pink tulips, yellow daffodils, or white lilies inside to remind you that soon these lovelies will be sprouting forth outside. And, while you’re in the green thumb groove, make sure your gardening tools are in working order. Grease up any stiff cutting tools, check screws and bolts on handles to ensure they’re secure and replace anything that rusted over the winter.

Add some color—During the winter we tend to gravitate towards dark, drab colors. To welcome in spring, why not pick a hot paint trend happening that year and spruce up a room in your home to give it a splash of pretty spring color. Paint an accent wall in the kitchen or create a colorful trim in a dull-looking room.

Hippity Hop—Decorate your home at the end of March with some artistic Easter Décor. Check out Pinterest for some crafty DIY projects that will be for you or fun for the kids!

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