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Construction Management
Bartels & Missey, Inc.

The overall goal of Bartels & Missey, Inc.’s management style is to successfully use our in-house expertise to take projects from concept to completion. We assume full responsibility of all projects, allowing the owners to concentrate on their daily lives and sit back and relax while their project comes to life.

Cost Estimate

During the Pre-Construction Phase, a skilled Bartels & Missey, Inc. staff of estimators will evaluate the tasks for the project at hand and create a conceptual cost estimate that will serve as the cost model throughout the construction process. The model will establish a baseline for tracking changes in cost as design progresses. Should an estimate exceed the desired budget at any point in the design process, we will suggest alternatives to bring the project back within the established budget.

Value Engineering

Our approach to value engineering emphasizes value received as opposed to concentrating only on first cost. Maintainability, function, and energy consumption are other important factors that must be weighed in the evaluation of alternative designs and materials.

Planning, Scheduling, and Time Control

We have a reputation for delivering projects on time, and with this, we have developed state of the art techniques to plan and control all the activities involved in a major construction project to ensure a timely finish.

We are accustomed to working on large-scale projects with tight schedules, and are committed to working with our clients to provide the earliest possible finish. In order for this to work, during the pre-construction phase we will work with the design team, our clients, and architects to develop an overall milestone schedule that meets our client’s objectives and will be followed throughout the construction phase.

Project Control

During the construction phase of the project, Bartels & Missey, Inc. will have a full-time veteran field staff at the project site to ensure that the work is progressing according to the initial plans. Our staff will supervise activities to keep everyone moving in the right direction and at the right pace.

Quality Control

Quality is perhaps Bartels & Missey, Inc.’s, most important deliverable product. We seek to achieve the highest quality standard of construction at the most efficient and economical levels that are consistent with the design intent. Our quality program is based on prevention rather than correction, and we take every possible precaution to avert errors, omissions, discrepancies, and deficiencies.

Project Safety

It has been a long-standing policy for Bartels & Missey, Inc. to implement thorough procedures to protect employees, visitors, and the general public on our construction sites. As a result, all individuals who enter a project site are required to comply with the Bartels & Missey, Inc. Safety Program, all Federal, State, and Local safety standards and regulations. Project safety begins during the preconstruction phase, with the identification of needs and requirements, and continues until the project in its entirety is finished.

Project Meetings and Documentation

Communication is the most important factor in ensuring a project’s successful completion. Bartels & Missey Inc.’s approach is to make communication a continuous and documented process; by working with the owner and other members of the project team to make maximum use of regularly scheduled meetings.


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